I am the president of MEIHO APHIVAT CO., LTD. a new recruitment agency and training facility that prepares Cambodian nationals for employment in Japan. I am very grateful to you for showing an interest in our work, whether you are coming to visit us or just read our website or literature. I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce you to our company. With investment from Japanese-based Meiho Attivo Inc., Meiho Aphivat was created to provide a high-level service to Japanese employers. From among many applicants, I carefully select and train the few with the greatest potential whom I believe will quickly adapt to Japanese living and working practices and culture whilst having the capacity to learn Japanese language to an elementary, functional level. Only those recruits who successfully pass through the four-month program will be selected to be placed in workplaces in Japan. As well as being well-prepared, our Cambodian workers will be well-motivated as they will know that on completion of their contracts, Meiho Aphivat will find them high-level employment back in Cambodia where their skills and experiences gained in Japan will be fully utilised. I have always believed and confirmed in my experience that the better you treat the people who work for you, the more they will give in return. People tell me that I have earned an impressive reputation over the years for commanding deep respect and loyalty among my Cambodian staff due to this exceptional level of personal care that I always demonstrate to my staff and workers, and with Meiho Aphivat this includes frequent trips to Japan to monitor the welfare of all workers once relocated to Japan. We anticipate that Meiho Aphivat will grow rapidly as there is considerable interest in Cambodia for working in Japan, a nation that has developed excellent economic relations with Cambodia, and we are confident that Japanese employers will highly appreciate the quality of the workers we send to Japan.